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  1. AP Contemporary is delighted to present Sonya Suhariyan’s first solo show in Hong Kong. Sonya is an
    award winning illustrator whose work ranges from illustration and animation to photography and
    wearable. She has also successfully merged commercial design art with fine art. Her paintings are like
    intricate mosaic and are densely layered with more stories and details within. The colorful palettes and
    the narratives in her work reveal the influence of African and Eastern work.

    The title of the exhibition, ‘Touched: Faces & Masks’, refers to the state when the viewer interacts with
    the world depicted by Sonya in which familiar faces and objects often appear alongside fragmentary
    images. The total effect is not simply one of harmony or beauty, but the viewer is confronted with
    scenes in which various images are intertwined into a peaceful chaos. Being ‘touched’, reality and
    fantasy suddenly intermingle as in daydreams. It is not a world of secular abundance, but a dynamic
    realm with a psychological splash and depth.

    In the exhibition, Sonya displays 12 recent paintings. Her work is full of emotions, beauty and
    femininity. Yet such ‘beauty’ does not negate emptiness, darkness or tragedy, it can be a means to
    accessing the reality. Sonya’s work indeed conveys a reality that can be tensely experiential for the
    viewer. Come to our exhibition and step into a dimension where reality clashes with fantasy – where
    chaos becomes the only harmony.

    Solo Exhibition by SONYA SUHARIYAN
    NOV 17 – DEC 15, 2012

    Opening reception: Nov 17, 630pm
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